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Choose Wisely With 58 INC and Select Shelby for Your Next Investment

Shelby County, the geographic center of Alabama and the main suburban county of the Birmingham Region, benefits from its accessible location in the Southeast- the United States’ prime region for economic growth. With a diverse economic base, Alabama’s most educated and productive workforce, and a patchwork of diverse communities surrounded by lush natural beauty, we’ve got all the makings of a great business location.

Where Hiking Meets High Tech

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the ecologically rich watersheds of the Cahaba and Coosa Rivers- Shelby County, Alabama is a patchwork of diverse communities and neighborhoods surrounded by natural beauty. While we’ve long been known for our fast-growing neighborhoods and high-quality public schools- recent years have brought a richness of arts, cuisine, and outdoor activities that complement the accessibility to Birmingham we’ve always had. Across 808 square miles, you’ll find a mix of culture, business, recreation, housing options, and events that make us one of the South’s most dynamic counties.

Where Brainpower Meets Business

In Shelby County, our greatest strength is our people- a talented workforce of over 100,000 with a mix of skills to serve any business need. As Alabama’s most educated county, our communities produce and attract some of the South’s smartest workers. 45% of Shelby County residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher – 18% higher than Alabama and 11% higher than the US Average. Shelby County is strengthened by a diversity of individuals, skills, employers, and industry clusters- providing businesses with a stable and consistent source of talent.

Where Southern Hospitality Meets a Dynamic Business Environment

We’ve combined our world-renowned welcoming spirit with a business-friendly environment for corporate success. Alabama and Shelby County’s tax and regulatory environment provide for low business costs and local municipal leadership is dedicated to supporting economic development projects through creative incentives and limited regulation.




County for Education
Attainment in Alabama


County for Children &
Families in Alabama


Healthiest County
in Alabama


Population Increase
Since 2010


Shelby County Labor
Force Participation Rate
Sources: US Census, JobsEQ, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, VOICES for Alabama Children

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